Our purpose 

Today, only 8% of the top 50 companies with the highest turnover in Hungary have a female CEO. We need to change the perspective, we need leadership commitment and also supporting programs to achieve that our leadership reflects the composition of our society. In line with HBLF's mission, we believe that we are stronger together and have a greater impact on the necessary changes, giving women too a chance to lead.


How does HBLF X Mentor program work?​ 

The HBLF mentoring program gives access to one of the top senior leaders of HBLF network, many with international experience. Several our women mentors have been listed by Forbes Hungary among the top most influential women leaders in the country. Over the course of 12 months participants have the chance for 1:1 (online or offline) sessions with a dedicated mentor to receive feedback, guidance and inspiration or get introductions to their networks. The timing and locations of the sessions is up to the participants. We provide a structured introduction & preparation programme and we recommend the mentor-mentee pairs to outline the objectives and ways of working in a mentoring contract.

Within the X Mentor programme we also offer participants workshops e.g. about increasing confidence and career development.

Who is the HBLF Xmentor programme for? 

Our mentoring program connects the next generation of female leaders to senior decision-makers to equip participants with honest, personalized advice, valuable feedback.
Mentoring can help in various situation, whether you start your career, prepare for your next role or career change, whether you lead a successful company or you're feeling a bit lost.
The HBLF Xmentor program is open to all women who want to develop across all sectors and professions, including profit and non-profit organizations. You are welcome either as corporate leaders, young professionals or entrepreneur.  Mindset and commitment to develop is the most important! 


What does the program offer to participants? 

  • one year of mentoring from July 2022 to June 2023 - with 10 meetings
  • Hungarian and international top leaders as mentors
  • Mentoring in English or in Hungarian
  • professional materials: mentor toolkit
  • mentee training
  • LinkedIn Alumni group
  • workshops & events: #IamRemarkable, resilience training, Tips for successful professional career development, invitation to selected HBLF events

For more information please visit our website: https://www.xmentorprogram.com


HBLF launched its Y-Mentoring program in collaboration with Business Women's Network in 2017. The purpose of the mentoring program between companies is to support the orientation and development opportunities in the professional life of Y generation women.
During the one year time Y-Mentoring program mentors and mentees will meet several times, and during these meetings, they can freely choose their goals and the theme of their inspirational conversations.
The program now includes 18 mentors and 18 mentees.

FREQUENCY OF THE MEETINGS: We recommend at least eight appointments for mentors and mentees during the year. The date of the meetings are flexible; it depends on the couples' decision.
THE GOAL OF THE MENTORING: The mentor and the mentee set the goal of the mentoring program in a framework of „Mentoring agreement,” where they jointly commit to achieving their goals.
MENTORS: The top and middle managers of HBLF member organizations could apply for mentoring. Mentors were invited to participate voluntarily in the program by HBLF and the HBLF member companies’ HR delegates.
MENTEES: BWN members could apply to be a mentee. BWN is a community of women with a focus on business, where members organize programs to support their personal and professional success, expand their horizons, and help them to build up professional relationships.

The program started with a "RAPID DATE" within the HBLF Diversity Week where the mentors and the mentored persons had the opportunity to get to know each other personally, which helped to create the best couples that based on sympathy and professional interest as well. The event was moderated by Juhos Andrea, Managing Partner of Lee Hecht Harrison Hungary.