Our goals

Founded by the personal
initiative of King Charles III in 1992*
Most powerful BLF in the world
(Bulgaria, Checz Republic, Slovakia, China)
Members are committed
to sustainable corporate governance


HBLF is an outstanding, CSR-focused organisation in Hungary. HBLF is a non-profit association and representative body of almost 100 local business executives, local representatives of international joint ventures and other influential business people in Hungary.
It is committed to promoting responsible business practices that benefit business and society, and which help to achieve social, economical and environmentally sustainable development in Hungary
     Call the attention of the corporate leaders' responsibility in the international and domestic business practice
    Help the leaders of the business life, who are the promoters of development, disseminating responsible business solutions in all of the company activities
    Encourage collaboration and the social dialogue between the business world - the public-sector -  civil organisations
    Create an inclusive environment, to guarantee the sustainable development of Hungary


     As a creative and decisive partner, the business sector takes part in achieving the Forum's goal
    Provides an opportunity to business representatives for development, exchange views among its projects and programs
    Calls the companies' attention to the fact that CSR is returned in their short-term business successes, and contributes to the additional economic development
    Ensures the sustainable development to the next generation could be able to live in better circumstances, in healthier and more livable environment.


*The Hungarian organisation of The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum.