Corporate diversity became an important topic in Hungary more than a decade ago, and HBLF has been tackling it as a priority issue for the past 9 years within it Diversity Target Group.
2016 was an important milestone in the life of HBLF and mtd because it became possible to take our diversity related achievements to the international arena with Hungarian government support. This is how the Diversity Charter Hungary came into being that merges the Diversity Code of HBLF Diversity Target Group and the mtd Diversity Agreement from before, and shall continue to function in the future.
Join the EU Diversity Charter in Hungary, that offering the opportunity to further develop your existing business practices or even allows to create the fundamentals of a diverse and inclusive organizational culture.
Eszter Pataki 
HBLF Executive Director
Leader of the EU ​Diversity Charter Hungary
M: +36 (30) 59-44-876
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