HBLF 202020 Club

HBLF 202020 Vision
In Hungary, minimum 20% of company management and boards will be women by 2020.
HBLF 202020 Mission
To increase the rate of women in company management and boards to 20% or more by 2020. The 202020 Club will redefine good corporate governance and gender diversity standards and create a cultural imperative for volunteer corporate action. Progress will be achieved through CEO leadership and the stakeholders. 
HBLF 202020 CEO Commitment
Founders of the 202020 Club are committed to increasing the percentage of women in corporate leadership. The goal is a better gender balance on all levels in their organizations. The guidance and involvement of our founders is a vital factor in furthering our goals. Company Chairs and CEOs commit themselves to do their best in their respective organizations to achieve the 20% target. They do their best to share the best practices and the progress they make. 
HBLF research on gender equality among the TOP200companies