Community projects Target Group

Leader: Pataki Eszter

The goal of the Community Projects target group is to initiate and organise projects to support community development with the involvement of HBLF's member firms. In the past years the target group organised charity goal-ball and wheelchair basketball competitions and announced the "Media for society" prize to acknowledge the reporting on actions of social responsibility and cooperation.
Initiatives in 2016
  • HBLF- MagiCom Goalball Competition will be held on 9th April 2016
  • Our ‘Media for Society’ Award Prize-giving Ceremony will be held in April 
  • The Target Group is organising the Wheelchair Basketball Championship XIV. in Autumn.


Membership of HBLF is part of a practical demonstration of a company's commitment to improvement in pursuing responsible business practices, and a way of accessing HBLF's unique practice based knowledge, innovative and strategic leadership programmes, and resources to help build capacity for implementation.

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The Board of Directors shall evaluate the application at its next meeting where a simple majority decision is required for admission. Membership shall be constituted by the resolution on admission and the payment of the membership fee.
All companies and organizations constituted as legal entities registered in or having an official representative in Hungary and private entities are eligible for membership of HBLF. Legal entities shall be represented by their chief executive. Membership in HBLF is open to all eligible person and entity.
If you would like to have more information please read the HBLF Charter Form.