Leader: Bonifertné Szigeti Márta

The private sector has a key role to play as an accelerator of social change. Studies show that equality is achievable in the workplace and beneficial for the bottom line. By promoting men and women at equal rates, providing fair parental leave and refusing to accept bias and discrimination, businesses can break down barriers and pave the way to a new future.
Under the HeForShe effort, 10 business leaders are serving as IMPACT Champions who are already making a difference. Over the next five years, their 10 companies should serve as incubators for innovation and role models of gender equality. And over the next 15 years, we aim to achieve both the Sustainable Development Goals and full equality through the “Planet 50-50 by 2030” effort being led by UN Women. The IMPACT Champions can help shorten those timelines and drive equality in key areas.
Ban Ki-moon
Former United Nations Secretary-General
The HeForShe solidarity movement was created by UN Women to provide a systematic approach and targeted platform where a global audience can engage and become change agents for the achievement of gender equality in our lifetime. This requires an innovative, inclusive approach that mobilizes people of every gender identity and expression as advocates, and acknowledges the ways that we all benefit from this equality. HeForShe uses online, offline, and mobile phone technology to identify and activate men in every city, community, and village around the world. The re-launch of the HeForShe movement was initiated by András Volom, the first Youth Delegate of Hungary to the United Nations. In accordance with the global HeForShe guidelines four main working groups have been formed as follows: Business, Youth, Political and NGO. We firmly believe that in nowadays Hungary the business sector could drive the changes in terms of gender equality.
At this point, members of the Business working group will…
• Provide valuable input for our strategy in the business sector
• Act as ambassadors and share best practices with the Hungarian business society in order to accelerate change
• Help us design the business pledger-system: by joining, corporate actors can commit themselves to the HeForShe movement at different levels of engagement.
• Share and promote values of gender equality within their corporate framework and wider networks
The working group meetings will be organized quarterly by the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum. Working group members will receive a monthly update on the progress of the movement.


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