Leader: Czeglédi Tamás

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and robotics became a key part of the economy. Therefore, it is more and more important, how we react to the evolvement of technology. In September 2017 we launched the HBLF Digital Target Group, headed by Rita Veres, who is not only the Market- and European Practice Lead at Aon Hewitt, but also the leader of Singularity University in Budapest. She and her group will be looking for answers regarding how we could keep up the pace with the exponentially evolving technology during the ongoing industrial revolution 4.0. 
There are some questions to take into consideration. How could we manage to rearrange our linearly working organizations and how could we instigate our linearly working employees? What effect does digitalization have on the working sector and human resources management? For what eventualities and how should both employers and employees prepare and react?
Among our many subjects, we will discuss digital culture, future exponential leaders, and the shaping of digital HR management. Joining to the Target Group, among many others, we are pleased to have individuals like Dea Frankó Csuba, the leader of Spark Institute and Zsolt Szelecki, global HR expert.
We welcome any HR experts and open-minded future leaders, who would like to go beyond their boundaries and who find the future obstacles inspiring., also, ones who would like to work together and think outside the box, which could be beneficial in their own companies as well. 






  • Founding Session:

Date: 19, October 2017. (Thursday), 15:00-17:00

Venue: Aon Hewitt (1138 Budapest, Dunavirág street 2.)



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