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HBLF's mission

The mission of HBLF is to encourage companies to integrate corporate social responsibility and the principles of sustainable development into the everyday business practise. Members of HBLF promote responsible leadership for the long term prosperity of their businesses and the whole of society.

The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) is a nonprofit association and representative body of local business executives, local representatives of international joint ventures and other influential business people in Hungary and is committed to promote responsible business practices that benefit business and society, and which help to achieve social, economic and environmentally sustainable development in Hungary.

This philosophy serves the interests of the companies, individuals and society and supports the sustainable development of Hungary through the three pillars of SD: economic, social and environmental well-being for present and future generations.

By the beginning of the nineties, environmental and social issues had become more fundamental problems within a more open and competitive Hungarian economy. The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum, established in 1992 by the personal initiative of Prince Charles.

Today HBLF has close to 100 members; local and international companies, small and medium size enterprises, nonprofit organisations and individuals.

HBLF aims to:

  • increase awareness of the business leaders community in the role of CSR in successful business activity;
  • support the integration of CSR into the business process;
  • encourage cooperation and networking of all stakeholders; business, government and civil society
  • assist the strengthening of an open and friendly background for CSR action.

Implementation of HBLF's goals:

  • partnerships with members to implement  CSR projects and achieve their goals
  • opportunities for development, the sharing of best practice and the measurement of results in the business sector,
  • awareness of improved business results in corporate social responsibility practice and their impact on the economy
  • sustainable development practice, in order to establish healthier and improved conditions for future generations.


For further information please contact Borbála Czakó, HBLF President or Eszter Pataki, Acting Executive Director

Tel.: +36 (1) 330-99-85

E-mail: hblf@hblf.hu


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